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The Chamber is Your Partner in Uncertain Times

January 16, 2023


Times of economic uncertainty don’t cause anyone to look for new ways to spend money. But there are some investments in your business that - even when you’re worried about cash flow - are worth the return. Without those necessities you couldn’t operate. Chamber membership is one of those necessary business investments. Here’s why:

Uncertain Times Mean Unprecedented Business Challenges

According to a survey released in December 2022 by the National Association for Business Economics, more than half of respondents believe the U.S. is headed toward a recession in the next 12 months. An additional 11% of those polled think the economy is already in a recession. (A recession is commonly defined as two consecutive quarters of shrinking growth). However, the severity and depth of the possible recession are matters of debate among most economists and market experts.

Whether we face a recession or not, growth is slow. Costs are up. Shelves are not as full as they once were. Some industries are already claiming a recession has hit them.

In times of economic uncertainty, businesses have greater needs than usual. It helps to have a partner looking out for your best interests. The Chamber is in a unique position to provide that assistance for a minimal investment.

The Job Market Remains Strong

One of the reasons economists are slow to call what we’re in currently “a recession” is because the job market, on average, remains strong. Businesses are hiring, even when their hiring needs are outpacing available, skilled candidates.

Through your Chamber membership, we can help you develop your workforce and identify job candidates. Using our new Job Center, you can let potential hires know that you're looking for them.

And if you’re looking for a job, check out our business directory for member organizations who may be hiring. Reach out and get to know hiring managers and business owners, which will make a job search much easier and improving your chances of finding your next job.

Public Sector Assistance & Advocacy

Whether you have your eye on pro-business legislation or are worried about a zoning issue, like anything else, business often goes your way based on who you know. As a Chamber member, your concern over business - your own or the entire business community - is amplified. When the Chamber speaks to city, state, or federal leaders, they are speaking on behalf of all businesses. This gives your concerns more power among elected leaders.

The Chamber may also be able to help by placing your request in context in the larger picture. The zoning problem you’re having isn’t just about your business property but all properties moving forward. The Chamber is well-suited to propose “if, then” scenarios that can help you get the assistance you need quickly.

Economic Development for All

While economic development of our area may not seem like a pressing issue in your mind right now, it helps keep you in business, regardless of your industry. A strong local economy can help maintain prosperity even when the national economy is struggling like the minority-business owners did along Auburn Avenue in Atlanta in the 1930s. While the rest of the country was experiencing the dark crash of ’29 and subsequent depression, Auburn Avenue thrived because its interests were protected.

The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building community and ushering in smart economic growth so everyone can thrive. Chamber membership not only safeguards your business interests and helps you achieve your own goals but improves the business community, and thus the community, for all.

If you're not yet a member of the Chamber, now is the right time to join. Complete an application today and let's get your business started in 2023 on the right foot.

Written by Chris Bailey. Chris is the Executive Director of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. When he's not helping his community and businesses prosper, Chris enjoys hiking West Virginia state parks with his wife Carrie, having a good beer and barbecue, and solving the daily NY Times crossword puzzle.

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