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Chamber Insurance

As a small business, you now have another option for health coverage. The Chamber Benefit Plan (CBP) is a unique member-exclusive self-funded health benefit option offered by The Health Plan in conjunction with the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce and affiliated chambers like the Lewis County Chamber.

Chamber Health Benefit Plan

We are proud to offer this to active members of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. If you are not currently a Chamber member, but would like to learn more about this exclusive offer, along with other benefits of membership, contact us at or 304-269-2608.

The Chamber Benefit Plan (CBP) is a self-funded Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) that is sponsored by the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce and administered by THP Insurance Co. Inc. (a subsidiary of The Health Plan). The plan is backed by THP Insurance Co. with "reinsurance protection" including protection for groups and participants in the event the plan's trust should not have adequate funding to cover benefits. The plan is governed by trustees who are Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce members and by-laws that satisfy West Virginia law. The plan is available to WV employer groups with up to 99 eligible employee lives based in West Virginia and members of The Wheeling Area Chamber of an affiliated chamber in WV, including the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. The CBP is a medically underwritten plan quoted and sold through West Virginia agents licensed with The Health Plan and THP Insurance Co.

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