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The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce helps businesses by offering networking, promotion, advocacy, and resources. Members can meet others, get their business promoted, have a voice in local issues, and receive help with business challenges. It's led by a board and relies on member involvement to strengthen the local business community.

What does the Chamber do for Lewis County?

Posted on February 7, 2024 in
Lewis County Chamber We're Better Together

Even though the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce has served our area for over a century, I still have people in our community frequently ask some variation of, "What exactly is a Chamber of Commerce and what does it do?" These are fair questions. Perhaps you've been wondering the same thing. If so, I hope I can begin to shed some light on the purpose of our organization and how we take effective action for the progress and growth of Lewis County.

Let's start with the core services we provide to our community.


One of the key reasons to join the Chamber is for the networking opportunities. This year, we're working to increase our networking events so you can meet with other members of our community and form both business and personal relationships. It's these relationships that can lead to partnerships and potential collaborations that can boost your business. And, if you ever run into business challenges, you have a network to turn to for help.


Another key reason to join the Chamber is help promoting your business. We're creating more ways to spotlight our members and get them attention from not only the local community but the wider North Central West Virginia region. We share your Facebook posts, promote your services, and announce your special events.

Your business likely has a unique story to tell - a story that will attract customers and make them loyal to you. Let the Chamber tell your unique story.


The Chamber is here to support the interests of our members. If there are regulations that are hurting your business or if there are improvements that could boost the quality of the overall local business community, the Chamber can advocate on your behalf. So rather than going it alone, you can turn to the collective strength and voice of the Chamber to make your issues heard.


No matter the size of your business or how long it's been around, managing one can be challenging. Dealing with workforce and hiring, payroll and taxes, budgets and well as how you lead employees, deliver customer satisfaction, adapt to change, and plan for the can be overwhelming. You need a partner like the Chamber you can trust who can provide you with resources that will help you build a thriving business.

Now, here's where you come in

The Lewis County Chamber is a 100% member-driven organization led by a Board of Directors who are business owners, professionals, and leaders in our community. Our members invest annually in the Chamber which means each member is an active stakeholder with a voice in our work. We listen to their feedback and welcome their participation.

So, if you want to see a stronger business community with more local entertainment, shopping, and dining options, we are the place to get involved. This is an invitation to be an active part of the transformative work the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce is doing to make our home a better place to work and live now and for years to come.

Learn about membership and join us here:

Written by Chris Bailey. Chris is the Executive Director of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. When he's not helping his community and businesses prosper, Chris enjoys hiking West Virginia state parks with his wife Carrie, having a good beer and barbecue, and solving the daily NY Times crossword puzzle.