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Chamber Community Giftcard

How does the Chamber Community Giftcard work?

A Chamber Community Giftcard works like any gift card that you would bring and spend at a business. The magic of the Chamber Community Giftcard is it lets you buy from several Lewis County small businesses with one convenient card!


Where can I spend my Chamber Community Giftcard?

You can spend your card with any approved merchant specified. See the giftcard home page at More are being added every day!

If you're a current active Chamber member and want to become an approved merchant, click here for more details.


Can I use my card for tips?

No, tipping is not allowed. This protects both you and the merchant. You can only pay for an amount known at the point of purchase. For example, if you go to a restaurant ask to pay with two payment methods (split tender transaction). You can use your gift card to pay the base cost of the meal and then a second payment method for the tip.


Do I need a pin when I use the card?



What if I am asked for my zip code?

You can use your home zip code, but any zip code will do.


How soon can I spend my Chamber Community Giftcard?

You can spend your card immediately after purchase.


How do I check the card balance?

For plastic cards, you can visit to check your balance and see program details. While on the page simply type your card ID into the search field which will bring you to your card page.

For eGift cards you can simply click the link in the email at the time you received the card and it will bring you to the card page with details including your balance and program information (which merchants accept the card, etc).


What if I don’t have enough money on my card to pay for the full checkout?

In this case you should request a “split tender” transaction where you ask to pay with two payment methods. It is your responsibility to understand your gift card balance at all times. If you know your card balance then you can ask the teller to exhaust the exact amount on the gift card as the first payment method. Then to pay for the remainder of the purchase you can choose any acceptable payment method whether it be cash or another debit or credit card. e.g. Your deli order comes to $15. You have $5 remaining on your gift card. Request to exhaust the $5 off the gift card, and then pay the remaining $10 balance with a second payment method.


Do cards expire?

The Chamber Community Giftcard never expires.


What if I lose my card?

If you lost your card or it was stolen but you still have your card number, ID, or receipt we can cancel your original card and reissue you a new card for $5. However, if you do not have your card number or receipt, or the funds have been spent, then unfortunately the funds cannot be recovered.


Can I send a Chamber Community Giftcard as a gift?

Yes, that’s the whole point! Simply go to the Chamber Community Giftcard home page and click "Buy Now". Chamber Community Giftcards make perfect gifts for birthdays, graduations, holidays, or any occasion! Whoever you give it to will have the option of using it at any participating business in your area. Talk about exciting! Plus, it ensures the recipient spends locally. Double bonus!


What if I experience a problem redeeming a Chamber Community Giftcard?

Though rare, sometimes issues do occur. The most frequent reason involves the eGift card type due to businesses not communicating to staff to expect the eGift payment form which may cause employees to turn away the card. If you experience any issues with redeeming your Community Gift Card please contact Giverrang Card Support as soon as possible.


Why would I buy a Chamber Community Giftcard?

Because it gives your gift recipient choice. A lot of people want to shop local but aren’t sure what the best businesses are, where to go, or are fearful that the recipient might not like the one place they purchased a gift card to. The Chamber Community Giftcard solves this problem by giving the gift recipient lots of options to choose where to spend their card. For the purchaser, it removes the pressure of feeling like they need to come up with the perfect local gift since it contains many local gift cards all-in-one, and provides satisfaction that the card is guaranteed to be spent locally. Win-win!


What are the benefits to the community?

Chamber Community Giftcards keep dollars local with our small business neighbors. It’s been reported that for every dollar spent at an independent small business that 68% or more stays in the local economy as opposed to 42% or less when spending at a big box store (source: Fundera). Keeping dollars local greatly contributes to increasing wealth in your community by strengthening local businesses, increasing job numbers, wages, the tax base, nonprofit donations, and strengthening municipal services and overall service offerings in the community, among other benefits.


I work for a large employer in town, how can we use the Chamber Community Giftcard to benefit our workplace?

Chamber Community Giftcards make excellent employee recognition rewards. Many employers would like to support small businesses but the issue of “picking winners and losers” often arises when it comes time to decide which local products to purchase. The Chamber Community Giftcard solves this problem by allowing the employer to support many local businesses in your area with one gift card while providing employees the gift of local choice. So skip the Amazon and Starbucks cards and get a real local gift that contributes to the local economy!


Can I make bulk orders?

Yes! Contact the Lewis County Chamber or visit the card home page to begin your custom bulk order. Depending on volume, discounts may be provided for bulk orders.


Is there a fee to purchase a Chamber Community Giftcard?

There is a small processing and activation fee of $1 + 4% of the value of each card sold. For example, a $50 card will cost $53. For a plastic card it costs an additional $3 to print and ship the card.

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